Boaz Gan Ironglas

Wizard, blacksheep of merchant family


Boaz is an average built dwarf in good health. Prematurely bald with a well groomed beard. He wears quality clothing with no sense or interest in fashion. He smells of the strong spices he carries in a small pouch at his belt. Boaz is friendly but usually comes across as boarish and rude as he is quick to judge. He is more interested in truths and debate than social niceties. He is especially fond of talking about food and cooking.


Boaz (growing thunder) Gan (steadfast) Ironglas (family name)

Boaz grew up in the large wealthy trading family of Ironglas. Educated by tutors and his many competitive siblings and cousins he only rarely caught his busy parents’ notice. Boaz looked on with at first sympathy, and then with envy at the other dwarven families around him. They toiled and built with their hands and hearts while he studied sequestered away from anyone but his kin. His family, Ironglas, were recent immigrants to Throal from the Republic of Scytha. His entrepreneur grandparents and grandaunt turned their Scythan glassworking talents into a successful business, cornering the glassworks market in Throal and many outlying villages. The next generation expanded the business adding in alchemical supplies and concoctions multiplying the Ironglas profits and influence. Boaz’s family, consisting of a dozen aunts, uncles and their progeny then began positioning to climb the political ladder in Throal. Given their ruthlessly effective success to this point they may have gone far had it not been for the family scandal.

The summer of his sixteenth birthday Boaz moved into a small cottage with his grandfather Norga Ironglas as is dwarven custom. Boaz had been trained as an alchemist and his planned role in the Ironglas destiny was a minor one. To his surprise his grandfather said he had a special role planned for him. His education and relative unimportance to the family were both a carefully planned part of a decades long scheme. He said the three month they had together would be barely time to impart and prepare Boaz for the role he was about to play in the family’s, indeed, Throal’s future. The first few weeks did little to illuminate the dark of Boaz’s confusion. He learned his grandfather was a part of a hidden conspiracy stretching back to the years before the Scourge. He learned the number 7 was of importance to the sect as was an ancient K’rzon symbol representing a lightning bolt. Norga drilled him in mental and physical exercises and left him each night with a bizarre riddle to puzzle over, a very strange thing for a dwarf to do. It was the 11th of Riag when Boaz was woken in the night with a knife at his throat. He has replayed that night in his mind over and over and although he knows rationally he may have been killed he still wishes with all his heart he had put up a courageous struggle instead of ignobly pissing his sheets. He can still hear the chuckles of the arresting officers as they pulled him out of bed and dragged him down to the prison beneath Deep Rock Keep.

For the rest of Riag and all of the month of Rua Boaz was imprisoned and subjected to various interrogations, both mundane and magical. When he was deemed harmless and released his family sent him to the far off Three Wands Academy to minimize embarrassment. The effort was in vain, Ironglas Alchemicals survived the incident but the family’s political ambitions were ended. Dwarves have long memories and longer written records.

Seven years after the Ironglas scandal finds Boaz working at the trading hub of Tansiarla supervising the alchemical manufacture there and troubleshooting minor magical problems. With little work of importance to do Boaz has discovered a love for and skill with cooking and has been making fine meals weekly for his staff. Approached by an agent of the Overland Trading Company he has just taken a leave from his work to get out of the city to investigate a problem at the nearby Yachetch Liferock.

Character pic: Paizo-Drollis by GoldenDaniel

Boaz Gan Ironglas

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