Olwen Gormlaith

Elven Swordmaster


Portrait courtesy of EVentrue: Red.

Cetharel Elf Swordmaster
Follower of Dae’motishsa, the Mes ti’Telenetishsa Path of Scholars
Age: 79 _ Height: 6’1" _ Weight:130 lbs _ Hair: Red _ Eyes: Blue _ Skin: pearly sheen (cetharel)

Dexterity 19
Stregth 13
Toughness 12
Perception 12
Willpower 10
Charisma 15

Acrobatic Strike 3, Karma Ritual 1, Parry 1, Melee Weapons 3




Grandfather knew the story of our people. He was born in Shosara, before thorns tainted the blood of elves. When Shosara was banned from the kingdom, grandfather was impassioned. He decided to prove the peaceful coexistence of our many races by establishing a traveling caravan, trading secrets and oddities, while inspiring peaceful coexistence. During his travels and after the Blood Wood was tainted, he had inherited one of the Oak’s Heart acorns. He had heard of the Seekers of the Heart and took on another quest to restore the Blood Wood with the Seekers.

Grandfather was a fantastic storyteller, gifted caster, and the establishing glue of our traveling circus. My parents, though elves, never felt a strong desire to travel outside of the caravan. Father was cunningly multi-talented; if it wasn’t for his talents, and knack for trouble, he would have never met my mother while they traveled through Thera. Seeking refuge from authorities after a gambling bet over Bellaripila (a Theran sport) went array, father slipped into our caravan. He met my mother who was rehearsing for their next show. He described her “like light” as she held a firey hoop, while her wolf dashed through it. It’s one thing to encounter a wolf in a major city, another to see one jumping through fire. Mother had a gift with animals, and men. Grandfather took my father under his tent and together they traveled and traded.

I wasn’t born with a particular gift. Father trained me in the skill of swordmastery, mother taught me how to dance. When I turned 19, Grandfather left to start his new quest, helping the Seekers of the Heart. I spent years perfecting my skills, meeting and engaging with other races, fulfilling Grandfather’s dream. But I do hope that one day I will see him again.

Olwen Gormlaith

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