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Earthdawn-a little about the world, the legends
Rules of Interest – various rules for nefarious and not so nefarious exploits
Locations of Note – travel, meet people, enjoy the culture
Artifacts and Legends- the discovered, half-known, and rumored
Flora and Fauna- accumulated lore of our troupe
Mysteries of the City – some knowledge should remain hidden
Factions – Threads in the Patterna
Character Development

Tansiarda Timeline of Events

Reag/ March 15th The Kaer (Oranthos) is opened.
Teayn/ April 3rd The attacks on the LifeRock (Latch) begin.
Teayn/April 16th The bridge project fails.
Borrum/ May 4th The party arrives in Tansiarda.

Games Afoot Timeline of Events

Doddul/ June 30th The party receives messages for a new job.

Main Page

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